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So Far

Please correct and add content as your memory or notes dictate. We’ve had different people attending different sessions, this is an attempt to pool our knowledge. Also, you can check out the official summaries on Twitter.

#1- Encounters with Ungeheuer: Uncle Dewey’s daughter is lost, they go to find her, find many bugs instead. Stephan suspects someone has been stealing trees.

#2- The Smithy: Earthquake that night, wave of bugs in the morning. A bonfire to keep the bugs at bay. Dewey commissions weapons from Brokkn. Returning to town, the party finds it about to be overrun. Some people are preparing boats while others of us are busy in the smithy hammering plowshares into swords double-time. Brokken re-shapes Olga mid-battle, Thag upends a water trough on a burning Mayor Gustavson, and Little Gus displays a surprisingly destructive affinity for fire.

#3- The Still: It is determined that we require large quantities of flammable liquid, and the best place to find that would be up at Radulf’s still. Upon arriving, however, we find the place nearly empty, horses and men missing. We head out on a search-and-rescue, and find Jugular’s herd of trimbles being egged on by a rogue male. As we try to head them off and talk with them, the herd enters an abandoned farmstead. The haystacks and outhouses explode with teeming masses of silverfish-like nasties. Joining forces with Jugular and co., we slaughter the ungeheuer. Brokken and Olga have a brief but stern conversation with the rogue male about the twin evils of insubordination and biting people.

3: Rounding up horses, they befriend Radulf. He gives them whiskey and fire. Party finds a new type of ungeheuer. Jugular helps the party kill the new amoebaform ungeheuer. Her colt Hrafn hinders, but becomes friends with Brokkn.

#4- The Glacier: We head out to look for Radulf’s men, Eric & Carl Andersson. Their trail seems to lead us down towards the seashore, but when we arrive we find that a glacier the size of Michigan has slammed into the coast. Jugular’s herd, still uneasy about the ungeheuer and spooked by the smell of blood, have already made their way up into its icy hills, and we decide to follow, trusting their noses to lead us to the heart of the problem. Inside an enormous ice cavern, we find a hole leading down to what we presume is an ants’ nest of √ľngachoja. A lot of fireworks, kerosene and 120-proof applejack get dropped down, and we and the herd tear on out of there while the place comes crashing down around our heads. Back outside, we resume our search for Radulf’s men while the herd heads back to the still. We track them to the upper reaches of the glacier where we rescue them from the bottom of a sinkhole. They are both hypothermic; one nearly dies but pulls through thanks to a blood transfusion from Thag. Exhausted and carrying Eric and Carl, the party still manages to drop a gigantic locomotive of an ungeheuer beast in a running battle across the slick surface of the glacier. Everyone makes it back to Radulf’s hindgut.

5: Big Gus notices fireworks over the iceberg. They investigate, discovering evidence of another Svartalf’s work on the iceberg.
5.1: They find the iceberg awakening: a cornucopia of piscine flesh covered in crabs and ancient glacier layers.
5.2: They are beset by small manta-rays and traps set by the Svartalf. They arrive at an inner lake of the iceberg.
5.3: They discover an adamantine-shod bowsprit of a ship, retrieve it, and reforge it into Thack’s hammer.
6: A tornado interrupts their forging and drives them across the ice to a ship, covered in thousands of ungeheuer.
6.1: The ungeheuer charge. They back onto the ice, and find a half-finished portal ring. The ungeheuer pass onto Skarland.
6.2: They take the ship from the Svartalf, who escapes. They remake the ungeheuermachine on board and repair the ship.
7: The lake breaks and taking the ship down to the sea, Hissi tries to stop them, and they kill him with his mantas.
7.1: Thack receives word that Aymestown is beset. They are attacked by a Varkin ship and take it and its bloody cargo.
8: They travel to the Akarian shoals and dive for treasure. Philip turns Eels and flying mantas from adversaries into dinner.
8.1: They gather millet from Skarland for the horses and head north, to Aymestown, where the gibbets gyre in the wind.
8.1: Hurricane season comes early to Skarland.
8.2: they set firebeetles on the invaders and take the hurricane-wrecked ship on bug island. Another Svartalf, and his gadgets.
8.3: Homecoming, to Gustavsstown with eel soup and cold company. Richard, Solon, and Wat take council with the party.
8.4: Stephan takes them north by the surest ways to Holjinheim, whence has come no news.
8.5: They are waylaid by a Nymph and her Rhino. The party tries to make friends, but it gets all WWF. Most awesome time had by all.

#9- Dr. Radulf and Miss Hide: 4-claw’s crew are about ready to murder Radulf because his modified ungeheuer have killed a lot of horses. Through a clever combination of wheedling and flexing, we convince them that we’ll take care of it. Assaulting Radulf’s tower causes just as many explosions as you’d think it would. Radulf himself downs some sort of crude alchemical mutagen and becomes a veined monstrosity. We club it unconscious. When he wakes up, he explains that he (and many others) are being dominated and used to produce √ľngachoja, but that intoxication is an effective barrier to the mind control. We all cheer, empty our bottles, smash them on the floor and shake our massive wet, braided beards. Then we set out to liberate the populous, sending Radulf back to concoct more applejack. We set ourselves up on the roof of one of the larger houses in town, and brace for impact as three incredibly fast-moving concatinated ungeheuer-monsters hurtle our way. Everything seems more or less peachy, with Stephan the Rail-Gun dishing it out while the special effects crew maintains a world of fog, darkness and grease in front of the stage. Unfortunately a nymph,shows up and starts stunning, blinding and generally harassing us. Big Gus goes after her, she hides in the bottom of a canal lock, Stephan is not impressed and keeps shooting her, and eventually the fight ends with the big nasties and most of their little buddies slain and Little Miss Hides-a-Plenty unconscious and tied up. After we went fishing with dynomite! Blew her out of the water and now her nickname is Fishy!

9.1: The herd of horses they follow is lead by 4-claw; decided that Radulf is their scourge. They convince the horses otherwise.
9.1: Intervention with Radulf who is guilty as charged but has a cure: his sweet liquor.
9.2: They move on Holjinheim and take the ungeheuer piecemeal. Rhinolady intervenes, but everyone lives.

#10- Big Gus Isn’t Blind Anymore and Now We’re Dealing With Trolls?
10.1: Take Holjinheim by sleigh, get the innocent drunk. Ingrid has killed the old Seimek, as he invented more ungeheuer.
10.2: Into the sea caves with the trolls, they bargain their lives on a bid for Trollgodhood.

MISSING DETAILS: Igrid is Stephan’s older sister. Geyser of endless water from the Gloria. There is a pot made of adamantine in trollhall.


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